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Anjan sen / Of the Water

I  don’t  know what is afloat
A corpse ?
The canoe sails on
It has become a skeleton
Having drifted in the dark Yamuna.
His heart distraught, the boatman tows on
It keeps floating   walks the water.
The river water swells
It stucks water
And swigs all that it contains
In our three-fourths of water
this one-fourth land is visible
The water swirls around it,.
The sky, hills, farmland twirl and become seas
We are floating like fishes.
Propitiate us, O water ! Satiate !
It sucks and swigs water.
The dark sea has a low tide now.
Translated by Udaya Narayana Singh)

Louis Zukofsky. Julia's Wild (1960)

Come shadow, come, and take this shadow up,
Come shadow shadow, come and take this up,Come, shadow, come, and take this shadow up,Come, come shadow, and take this shadow up,Come, come and shadow, take this shadow up,Come, up, come shadow and take this shadow,And up, come, take shadow, come this shadow,And up, come, come shadow, take this shadow,And come shadow, come up, take this shadow,Come up, come shadow this, and take shadow,Up, shadow this, come and take shadow, comeShadow this, take and come up shadow, comeTake and come, shadow, come up, shadow this,Up, come and take shadow, come this shadow,Come up, take shadow, and come this shadow,Come and take shadow, come up this shadow,Shadow, shadow come, come and take this up,Come, shadow, take, and come this shadow, up,Come shadow, come, and take this shadow up,Come, shadow, come, and take this shadow up.

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Rhoda Penmarq

Євген Довгий про відліт


Мої думки в повітрі розсипані
Сповиті солодкими снами дикими,
Стрічками прозорими, словами зниклими.
І знову у опіках душу никаю.

Летіти до неба шляхами ближніми,
Ховати зіниці, що болем насичені...
І кров під шкірою секунди відлічує,
Не чую нікого - емоції нівечать.

Спитатися в ніжності дозволу мучити,
Стискати в долонях всі засоби сучі –
І не скористатися правом цим крученим,
Не сподіваючись цим когось зворушити.

Я просто і вкотре вже силуюсь тішитись,
Що тиша існує не тільки для тиші,
І з легкістю можна знедоленість знищити
Пробачити все, піднімаючись вище.
Контури світла по тілу схвильовані,
Погляд безглуздям моїм арештований,
Надривними хвилями серце знов зломлене –
Посмішка? Спокій? Але тільки зовні.

Flen flyys

Flen flyys is a Macaronic Latin poem, written in about 1475, that is chiefly famous for containing the first known written usage in English of the vulgar verb "fuck".
Flen, flyys, and freris populum domini male caedunt,
Thystlis and breris crescentia gramina laedunt;
Christe, nolens guerras, sed cuncta pace tueris;
Destrue per terras breris, flen, flyȝes, and freris.
Flen, flyȝes, and freris, foul falle hem thys fyften ȝeris,
For non that her ys lovit flen, flyȝes, ne freris.

Fratres Carmeli navigant in a bothe apud Eli,
Non sunt in cœli quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk.
Omnes drencherunt, quia sterisman non habuerunt,
Fratres cum knyvys goth about and txxkxzv nfookt xxzxkt,

Ex Eli veniens praesenti sede locatur,
Nec rex nec sapiens, Salomon tamen ille vocatur.

Pediculus cum sex pedibus me mordet ubique,
Si possum capere, tokl tobl debet ipse habere.

Si tibi strok detur, wyth a round strok evacuetur;
Et si revertetur, loke tu quod retribuetur.

Est mea mens mota pro te, speciosa Magota.

Verum dixit anus, quod piscis olet triduanus;
Ejus de more simili foetet hospes odore.

Est in quadrupede pes quintus, in aequore pulvis,
In cirpo nodus, in muliere fides.

Cum premo, re retrahit, stringit con, inque sigillat,
Sub silet, ob spoliat, sed de gravat, ex manifestat.

Thus, pix, cum sepo, sagmen, cum virgine cera,
Ex hiis attractus bonus est ad vulnera factus.

Vento quid levius? fulgur. Quid fulgure? flamma.
Flamma quid? mulier. Quid muliere? nichil.
Auro quid melius? jaspis. Quid jaspide? sensus.
Sensu quid? ratio. Quid ratione? nichil.

Frigore Frix frixit, quia Tros trux tubera traxit,
Trosque truces Traces secuit necuitque minaces.

Taurus in herba ludit, et optat tangere limpham.
Rumbo murena extat Thamesia plena.

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Gregory Corso. Original drawing 1970

Gregory Corso. Original drawing, undated, probably 1970.

Nicol A. Kostic. Decompressing

I used to be more social but,
it nearly drove me crazy,
as I tried to keep that concealed,
& repeatedly lost so much sleep,
from a constantly ringing phone,
or continual knocking on my door,
wheather it was 4 different people,
wanting an audience,
or 1 person knocking, X 4,
all hours of the day, & night,
reaching a saturation point,
where I just couldn't take anymore,
& voluntarily isolated myself,
with a vow of silence,
up in a tower,
a self-imposed exile,
over tree tops,
where birds fly by,
past a ledgeless window,
where there is no place for them to land.
( inhaling one deep breath,
with a sigh )...
How sweet this quiet peace.

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Viking Eggeling. Material for the 'Generalbass der Malerei'. 1918

James Arthur/ Poem from Behind a Gorilla Mask

Fuck you to the following:
(I can't keep track of names) anyone you know
with a waterfront view. All your accusers
and all whom they accuse. The many aching
to be the few. Drum-bangers, gangbangers,
self-hangers, demigods. Those who make the love,
love the peace, or make the killing. 
I include myself as well; I know how sympathy
rots the heart. Thank you
for your love. You get my pity in return.
I wrote this on a Tuesday
sitting in the park.

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Енн Волдман. Абетка Матінкової Мови.

В Енн Волдман сьогодні (Другого Квітня) День Народження.
А ось перший з трьох перекладів на сьогодні.

Francesco Aprile

Francesco Aprile (1985-06-03, Lecce, Italy): Free lance journalist, contributor, poet and visual-poet, graduated in Philosphy, in 2010 he became member of the literary movement called New Page - Narrativa in store founded in 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaroand for which he published 22 brief novels and 2 poetry – in store; he worked as a press agent, secretary, editing exhibition and critical works of the authors belonging to this movement; In 2010 he edited releases of the movement (New Page) in the newspaper Il Paese Nuovo. In 2012, for New Page, he worked as teacher with Giovanna Rosato at Biblioteca Comunale Gino Rizzo (Cavallino, Le - ITA): They propose an laboratory of literary research for guys, and they have realised the poiesis like approach ethnographic-pedagogical. Since march 2013 the cure of this movement is at two voice: F. S. Dòdaro - F. Aprile. In April 2011 he founded the group of research and artistic protest Contrabbando Poetico, subscribing the first manifesto. In 2012 the group Contrabbando Poetico is intertwined with Unconventional Press (research on the media, independent editions founded by F. Aprile - C. Caggiula - R. Gaetani). Critical and theoretical works, literary papers are spread over daily newspapers and magazines. He studies the new frontiers of the languages of research. His works of visual-poetries are archived at libraries and museums, italians and strangers, like as the Poetry Library (London), the Akademie der Künste (Berlin).

Марне Гаяння Часу.

Robert Rauschenberg. X-MAS CARD.

В/Б 15 дурниць